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About Nina


Nina Anin has been able to see auras around living things since early childhood, and gained greater psychic abilities during her teen years. She graduated from Edinboro University in Art Education and received a Masters in Professional Studies from Pratt Institute with a concentration in Art Therapy. She holds a Professional Practioner's License from Centers For Spiritual Living.

Some of the talents that Nina developed during her more than 40 years in the intuitive field have been:
clairvoyance, clairaudience, mediumship, divination, psychometry, cartomany, dream analysis and astrology. She is currently painting spiritual auras, mandalas, and a tarot series. She has taught classes on: tarot, developing your intuition, dream analysis, OOBE out of body experience, spiritual writing, cosmic connections,
angels and spirit guides, Abraham and Science of Mind. She has lectured on "How to See Auras" at the Body Mind Spirit Expos in Atlanta Georgia, Raleigh North Carolina and Charlotte North Carolina.

Nina's abilities have earned her a reputation of being an expert "Auracle". She is currently reading in person, auras and tarot, in Asheville North Carolina. Her aim is to touch your heart, open your mind and enlighten your spirit. Most importantly, she knows that spirit dwells within each one. 

Nina also has a Spiritual Mentoring program for folks who wish to have ongoing support in their life's adventure.

Once given a forecast of the future, you will know what steps to take next.