Nina Anin Psychic Readings (828) 253-7472


Psychic Readings
30 minutes by phone $60.00
60 minutes by the phone $100.00
In person one hour $100.00
payable by paypal

Questions answered about career, money, selling or buying a business or property, love in your life, and finding your life's "soul purpose". Know about the future and what lies ahead.
Gain knowledge and spiritual support in a non-judgmental way. Receive advice from divine and cosmic forces, spirit guides, angels, and guidance for self-understanding.

When you call, a time will be arranged for the in person or by phone reading. The reading may incorporate Tarot, and/or it may be intuitive, based on what kinds of questions you have. Each reading is unique and personal.

The reading will leave you worrying less, feeling at ease about making decisions, and feeling more confident.